Alexey Gavrilov: Nine more skyscrapers will be built in the Moscow City MIBC by 2018

It is difficult to imagine that there were quarries, warehouses and industrial zones instead of the Moscow City MIBC. The area was insulated from city life. One of the large-scale urban development projects in Russia is being implemented here nowadays. Today it is a city in the city, where, there is everything for a full life, work and leisure.

Alexey Gavrilov, the president of the City Company, management company on behalf of the Moscow government in the MIBC development said that it was planned to build 22 buildings with a total area of 4.5 million square meters of real estate. To date, 13 of them have been introduced - this is about 2.5 million "squares". In addition, four multifunctional complexes, a congress center, a parking complex and a cinema and concert hall are under construction. The Moscow City project is planned to be fully completed in 2018.

The vestibule of the Mezhdunarodnaya metro station will open in the underground part of the IQ Quarter together with the second building of the complex in 2017. The underground gallery will extend from both buildings to TTS; also under the complex will make one of the exits to the metro station. From there, you can get to both the heart of the City and to the Moscow Central Circle.

There will be about 30 thousand parking places in the Moscow City and more than 11 thousand have already been introduced. The authorities of the capital make every effort to ensure that residents and guests are comfortable to park. About 500 cars can temporarily accommodate on the territory of the business center. Soon, a parking lot for 3400 cars will open. It is built between the complexes Oko, Federation Tower and the first Krasnogvardeysky passage. The parking will be 15-storey: 10 floors above the ground and five - underground. It is planned to introduce it in late 2017. Parking will be open to all. The territory of MIBC should be accessible both for residents and for guests of the complex.

It is worth noting that in the near future the museum for the development of the project Moscow City will be opened on the observation platform of the tower "Empire". This is a permanent exposition where you can learn about the business center from the moment of planning and plans. Muscovites and guests of the capital will visit the museum. In addition, there will be exhibitions and lectures.