The review of the “Dynastiya” Residential Complex in the framework of the International Competition of Development Projects PRIX D'EXCELLENCE




            The review of “Dynastiya” Residential Complex was prepared within the framework of the International Contest of Development Projects PRIX D'EXCELLENCE, organized by the International Real Estate Federation FIABCI which will be held in Rostov-on-Don on April 12-13, 2018.

"Dynastiya" Residential House located on Soborniy, 69 includes two entrances with 10 and 13-story each.

- The architecture of the house has a historical context, resembling the style of English classical buildings
- Hidden installation of air conditioners not visible on the front and centralized drainage of condensate.
- Large glazed functional loggias / balconies
- Small-rise building, 4-5 apartments on the floor
- Night illumination of the front
- High social status of the residents
- Large spacious halls on the ground floors with unique interiors
- The height of the ceilings in the apartments is 3,09 meters.
- German elevators by Tyssen Krupp
- Windows by Deceunink Forward
- Individual distribution of heating on the floor with its own counter and regulator
- Underground parking with a parking lot for every second apartment
- Parking is issued as a separate object, not a shared property
- the Lyceum, supermarket and other infrastructure facilities located near the Residential Complex
- Private sports ground and playground, landscaping, gardening
- The developer’s built and handed over projects: Residential Complex “Ostrovsky”, Residential Complex “Alexandrovsky”, Business Center “Kristal”
- The payment is possible only after registration of the share agreement in accordance with the law, the developer issues a guarantee of the bank
- The facility is accredited in banks, mortgages and installments are possible
- Acceptance of the facilities is scheduled for the third quarter of 2018, after the delivery of the district will be formed completely, there will be no more construction. - site of “Dynastiya” Residential Complex
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