Digital Economy and Project Management is the new format




            One of the main achievements of the delegation of FIABCI-Russia at MIPIM 2018, which was headed by the President of FIABCI-Russia Mikhail Grin, was the promotion of a new format for interaction between Developers and the Government, Architects and the Government, Realtors and the Government. The new format is the Digital Economy and Project Management, proclaimed today by the basic principles of the functioning of the Economic Policy of Russia. For all the participants in the process of the full cycle of real estate, were raised complex issues, and it was necessary to find understanding in the modern international world, the world where developing markets and the historical heritage of developed countries stay side by side. Thanks to the unique team of the speakers, Mikhail Grin was able to find out from Faruk Mahmud, representing India, how in Bangalore he manages to use digital technologies in the construction of residential and industrial facilities, Kirkor Argekhanyan and Assen Macedonov talked about the initiatives of the UN (United Nations) and the 70th Anniversary World Congress of Real Estate, which will be held in 2019 in Moscow. Michael Heming from Germany and Antonio Campagnoli were able to talk about the experience of Germany and Italy, the picture of the Russian real estate market was complemented by Deputy of the Moscow City Duma Oleg Soroka and Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of St. Petersburg Anton Moroz. The parties and participants defined the agenda of the upcoming FIABCI-Russia Forum, which soon will be held in Moscow soon on May 29-31 in Moscow.

            Based on the results of the events, the FIABCI-Russia delegation made a number of valuable gifts in Cannes and Paris. It is clear that to participate in the construction of real estate and their promotion on the international market, FIABCI-Russia is now the most effective platform for builders, architects, developers, realtors and other numerous real estate professionals.