About the Forum

The IREBF will take place on 29-31 May 2018 in Moscow in World Trade Center

The International Real Estate Business Forum

This is the first forum in Russia related to investments, organized not by Russian companies but by the authoritative international organization International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI).
The international component of the IREBF-2018 will be represented by the largest investors, developers and experts in real estate sphere from more than 20 countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, China, Cyprus, India, the UAE and others. The structure of the IREBF is reminiscent of the largest, most representative investment exhibition in the field of real estate in Europe MIPIM. To make the IREBF programme as useful and interesting as possible, the most authoritative organizations and companies, ministries and profile structures are working on it and will conduct the events within the framework of the forum.
During the forum, the most influential professionals from different real estate sectors will gather at one site for a 3-day exchange of experience, concluding deals and establishing cooperation.

Forum structure

The Forum will launch with the Opening Session: «Prospects for World Markets and the Role of Russia on the World Investment Map».
The further programme of the Forum consists of three large clusters.

The first cluster: «Invest-bridges»

The cluster is devoted to the issues of cooperation between Russian and foreign businesses. It covers almost all countries with which Russian businessmen are now actively working. Within the framework of the cluster, several conferences and special sessions with businessmen from European, Asian countries, as well as countries of the Middle East, China and India are planned.

The third cluster: «A regional aspect of investments»

The cluster is fully dedicated to regional investments and will be held on the second day of the Forum. It will begin with a closed business breakfast "Investors' requirements - the actions of the authorities". The main topic of the discussion is what can and should be done in order to increase the inflow of investments into Russian regions in today's conditions.
During the second day of the Forum, conferences and special sections on certain types of investment projects related to residential, commercial, industrial real estate and tourism business are planned.

A special exhibition and consulting area "Four streets" will also take place on the Forum:

  1. The Street of Projects
  2. The Street of Consultants
  3. The Street of Regions
  4. The Street of Education

All the "residents" of those streets will be provided with working places, all of them will have the opportunity to place presentation and exhibition supplies.

International Real Estate Business Forum "Russia for Investors - Investors for Russia" is an important part of the preparation for the 70th Anniversary World Congress FIABCI-WORLD, which will take place in Moscow in 2019.

Why to participate in the IREBF:

For visitors:
  • The opportunity to find partners and investors (audience of 1000 people from more than 20 countries);
  • The opportunity to get acquainted with the key persons of the industry, learn the latest trends in the investment and real estate market, visit the exhibition of projects from all regions of the Russian Federation;
  • The possibility of direct contact with representatives of government bodies, development and business support institutions;
  • The opportunity to establish new contacts. You are provided with an on-line database of IREBF which allows you to find potential partners in advance and two Networking systems during the Forum;
  • The possibility of carrying out of the events and personal meetings on your personal stand which will increase popularity of your projects.
  • The presence of a large number of Russian and foreign journalists;
  • The opportunity to attend trainings, seminars, listen to the speeches of leading business trainers and business gurus.
For investors:
  • To find new projects for investment;
  • To meet with co-investors;
  • To assess market conditions.

Why the IREBF is interesting for the regions and initiators of projects, for the owners of property and land plots?

  • The opportunity to represent the projects and proposals to the regions;
  • The opportunity for the Forum participants to communicate with the representatives of the region;
  • The possibility to learn from the experience of the colleagues and experts in the theme sections;
  • The opportunity to communicate with the representatives of the federal authorities and development institutions;
  • The opportunity to come into contact with the business representatives and investors from Russia and more than 20 foreign countries of the world that are interested in your region;
  • To teach the initiators of projects, the owners of land and property how to attract investments and to help them establish initial contacts.

The ways of participation vary: holding a large separate conference, the presentation of the region; participation as "residents" of the streets of the regions.
The Forum organizers are ready to consider counter proposals, help to organize the necessary meetings, select the experts for consultations.